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Will this new piece:
What is the width of it?
Where on your body would you like it placed?
What is the length of the piece?
Do you have a budget? This will enable us to recommend a size and placement that will fall within your confines.

Thanks for sending this! Chris or Ty will get back to you within a day. :)

faqS (& reality checks)


"Just because you saw it on Pinterest, doesn't make it a good idea."


Can you tell me how much it will cost?

The truth is, there are so many factors to take into consideration when providing even a rough estimate. We need to be clear on every little detail and combine it with the size, the complexity / level of detail, the placement on the body (how sensitive the body part is), etc.


Pricing a tattoo is almost a science! So forgive us for not being able to just throw out a number; it just doesn't work that way. 

If I pay for an hour and my tattoo only takes 15 minutes, can I give the remaining time to my friend?

Sorry - no. Every guest must pay for his her own timeslot and splitting of time is not permitted.

How much will a tiny black tattoo on my wrist cost?

Our minimum charge for any work is $120. Tiny pieces are typically done in under an hour.

Can you tattoo over scars or stretch marks?

The simple answer is yes - scar tissue can be tattooed. In most cases, they will still be slightly visible, and the older the mark / scar, the better.

How much will it hurt?

The best analogy is getting scratched on a sunburn or having someone draw on you with a ballpoint pen on a sunburn. It doesn’t feel good, but it’s more of an intermittent irritation than a constant pain. Remember, getting a tattoo has more in common with an abrasion than it does with a hypodermic needle shot from the doctor.

How should I plan for a sleeve or a big back piece?

Well firstly, these things take time and multiple sessions. Sleeves do not happen in one sitting. So you should budget for $1,000 or more when it's all said and done.

The best large pieces always start with a solid plan, not just little parts tied together on a whim. Just keep in mind that sleeves and such are a major commitment and investment. Let us help you plan for it!

What can I do to be ready for my tattoo appointment?

It might sound redundant, but it can seriously make a huge difference in your experience. Get some sleep, drink lots of water and fill your belly. Other than that, charge your phone and get a shower - we don't want any stinky clients!

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