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chris dow originals

Strong colour, highly-stylized characters and a refreshing sense of humor. Chris's work takes different art forms - a veritable treasure trove of acrylic, pencil and woodburning.

His creative expressions usually find their way into a whimsical world of portraiture and the anthropomorphic. You'll see reflections of the vitality of life, textures that communicate physicality and open spaces that evoke a sense of freedom.

A rhino adorned with a family crest badge, a studious owl, a lanky suit-clad turtle and sloth, renaissance-inspired characters ... his work can be described as a surreal experiment of distant realities. Every character activating the unconscious mind through elements of surprise and unpredictability.

Chris's pieces adorn the walls of some of Calgary's local-artist supporting businesses such as Milk Tiger Lounge and Mackay Real Property Law.


He is currently taking commissions and a selection of his prints are available for purchase.

(Click on images to view in full screen.)

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